About Us

KeyBridge™ is a Washington DC-based law firm that provides sophisticated legal services to clients across a variety of industries and sectors. Our focused practice areas include corporate governance, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border investments, commercial litigation, workforce management, intellectual property, real estate, and technology startup. The firm embraces the latest technologies and innovative business methods, yet strictly follows the time-honored principles in integrity and professionalism, providing quality and efficient legal support in which
our clients can always trust.

Global is Local. In a global business setting, we understand that a client’s local decision and its execution may have an impact to its business prospects in a global marketplace. Based in Washington D.C., KeyBridge™ assists clients across the U.S. helping them achieve their business goals. We take clients’ interest seriously, regardless of whether the client is a multi-national corporation or a start-up business venture. We take pride in the successes of our clients and in our contributions to their successes.

Core Value

It is quality that makes us stand out. We practice breakthrough law through our skillful negotiations in boardrooms, strong advocacy in courtrooms, and deep understanding of laws and regulations. We pay attention to details, and always keep the clients’ interests and “big pictures” in mind. Our focus is on you—clients who are in their unique situations that demand personal attention to help solve their problems. Therefore, we always listen and share the perspectives of our clients.


To us, efficiency is a philosophy in our day-to-day work. Law practice is an old business, but we believe it can be done efficiently with the assistance of modern technologies and optimized work processes—without compromise on quality. We are equipped with latest technologies that make our services quicker, faster and better. Having said that, we do not overestimate technologies, instead we trust in ourselves who naturally demonstrate efficiency by being subject matter experts.

Law is complex, but in no event should our clients feel that way. It’s our job to translate the complexities into the common senses. For highly technical law theories, we often help clients understand them by using logical analogies and plain language, instead of legal jargons. We take a common sense approach to law practices, but we don’t lose insights and never follow what others think without independent thinking. As we believe, independent thinking is a common sense.

Common Sense